You need a wrap artist!

Vehicle wrapping and advertising has rapidly become the must-have way of advertising your business to the world. But getting the end product looking right requires someone who understands vehicle’s shapes and how they will behave when your design is applied.

With large format digital imaging becoming more accessible to everyone, it makes sense to use someone that knows how to apply such high resolution images to various medias. 


Vehicle wrapping is a specialised service in itself but to create stunning designs that make your vehicle stand out from everything else, you need a ‘WRAP ARTIST’.

Someone who can design artwork to the highest standard, someone who understands that flat artwork will not go around the tapering bodywork of a vehicle.

VIRAL OVERLOAD… The VW T5 Transporter ‘Rust Van’ reached Millions of views

Unique graphics just for you

For example, how do you think it comes across when your digitally printed vinyl wrapped van is parked outside your matching liveried business premises.

We are here to make sure the graphics are strong, the images promote you in the best way and that it all fits the correct vehicle. This may sound obvious but there are many graphic artists who work with web design or desktop publishing that struggle to make their designs work on contoured 3D objects such as vehicles and without this knowledge can make costly errors.

Tribal designs cut in satin black laid over full chrome red wrap on a Mercedes Benz ML

Having your corporate identity featured prominently on your company motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks, buses, boats, buildings, and much more is a great way of communicating your business in a way that printed advertising cannot reach.

Let us take control of your requirements – even if we have a corporate identity and branding guidelines to follow – and you will not be disappointed.

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