Colour Change

No need for a paint with our self colour vehicle wraps

We can take any vehicle and wrap it in a colour of your choice.

Customise your Car with a Colour Change….white, silver, matt black, carbon fibre.

Do you fancy a change of colour but don’t want to shell out for a new car?  Why not wrap your car? We can change the colour of your car in 24 hours.
Popular choices at the moment are white wraps or you could go for the stealth look of Matt Black. We have hundreds of different colours to choose from.
As all the vinyl films that we use are fully removable, you can remove it to reveal the original paintwork underneath whenever you would like a change again.

The vinyl not only protects the vehicle from chips and scratches, but it totally changes its colour. It looks just as though the vehicle was that colour direct from the factory.

Colour Change Your Vans or Trucks

This is a great option when purchasing a new van or a new van fleet.

You can start with a white van, usually cheaper and quicker to get hold of and wrap it in any vinyl colour of your choice that runs with your company’s identity. The vinyl not only changes the colour of the van but it also protects the vehicle from chips and scratches. It looks just as though the vehicle was that colour direct from the factory.

When the vehicle comes to the end of its lease period or when you are ready to sell it, the vinyl can be easily removed leaving a shiny white vehicle looking as good as new. This will in turn give you a better resale value or reduce the possibility of having charges claimed against you from the lease company for scrapes and scratches on the paintwork.

Cost effective

This is a phenomenally cost-effective way for companies or individuals to change the colour of their vehicle by self colour vehicle wraps. It also means shorter lead times and lower costs than a re-spray.

The most popular colour change for cars is white and matt black.