Window Tinting

We work closely with Diamond Window Tints who install a wide variety of window tints for the automotive industry.

The tints come in different shades and colours to give you the look you require and also added safety and security. All tints fitted reflect 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays; reducing heat and glare by as much as 90%. The window tint is securely bonded to the glass, thus preventing shattered or broken glass from causing injury and damage to you and passengers in the event of an accident. Feel safe and secure knowing you have a sound installation from Diamond Window Tints, Scotland’s leading window tint installers.

When you book your vehicle in for a wrap we will liase with Diamond Window Tints to ensure that your tints will be fitted at the same time as your wrap to save a double journey.

Be sure to let Diamond Tints know that you are having a wrap fitted by Clyde Wraps to enable you to receive a discount.